Learning and Teaching

Learning experiences at Holy Family foster curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

These integral skills and experiences set students up for a future of life-long learning and success. As part of a school-wide approach, teachers model and explicitly teach skills and dispositions based on learning intentions and success criteria. Students are empowered to be active agents in their learning through reflection, goal setting and feedback.

Learning at Holy Family school is collaborative. Students are guided and supported to develop resilience and independence through a calm learning environment with explicitly taught expectations. Staff employ a school-wide consistent approach to behaviour management, founded on the principles of Positive Behaviour for Learning. Through the development of a positive growth mindset, students feel safe to make and learn from mistakes and are empowered to see endless possibilities for success. 

Staff pride themselves on their curriculum and pedagogical knowledge using evidence based research and data to strategically support the learning of each student. Staff strongly believe in providing differentiated teaching guided by targeted assessment. 

Holy Family School is committed to supporting rich, deep and varied learning experiences for students to become optimistic, resilient young people of faith, who contribute to and enrich the world around them.

Pauline Moran

Teaching and Learning Leader