Holy Family School offers both formal and informal opportunities for students to express their faith. We strive to bear witness to Gospel values through our day-to-day responses to school experiences, interaction and relationships.

The Religious Education Program offers students, irrespective of their understanding or belief, the potential to be engaged in meaningful ways in learning about faith and spirituality. Values, scripture, prayer and liturgy in the Catholic tradition permeate the life of the school.

The students learn about the sacraments throughout their years at Holy Family School, but special emphasis is given to these when baptised students celebrate First Eucharist and Reconciliation in year 4 and when they receive the sacrament of Confirmation in Year 5 and 6. Please note. The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the Doveton Parish every second year.

Classes attend a Parish weekday Mass each term and students are involved in the celebration of these. The whole school celebrates important events in the Church’s calendar, as well as beginning and end of term Masses. Families are welcome at all of these events and we particularly encourage them to take part in the Sunday Masses held throughout the year.

At Holy Family we support students to grow in virtue and to embrace a view of themselves and the world that leads to peace, justice, and the prospering of the whole of creation. It is a journey that is enlightened by faith, animated by love and leading to hope.