Charism: Be the Light

Our Charism is based on the work and life of Nano Nagle who founded the Presentation Sisters in Ireland in 1775. Nano was committed to helping the most marginalised in society, and with the help of the Presentation Sisters, opened schools for the poor so that they could receive a basic education and religious instruction. 

Holy Family School was established by the Presentation Sisters in February 1960 to provide a Catholic education for the children of Doveton.

Nano Nagle is known as the Lady of the Lantern, for the light she carried at night when she visited the sick and elderly, bringing them food, medicine and comfort.  Our charism is symbolised by a lantern, a constant reminder of the light that is inside each one of us.

The students and staff of Holy Family are called to consider how they can ‘Be the Light’ in their daily lives just like Nano, carrying out her spirit of love and service.


Holy Family Charism Prayer

Loving God, 

You know all our needs and 

You listen to our prayers.  

Help us to be people of light

 in our school community. 

May we be more like Nano Nagle, 

who brought light to the lives of 

children, the sick, the old, and the poor.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.