Heart - Positive Approach to Wellbeing

At Holy Family, we foster a positive, safe environment where students are at the HEART of learning.

Research indicates that schools with a consistent whole-school approach to wellbeing and the management of student behaviour enhance the learning culture as well as the social and emotional development of students. At Holy Family, the primary method of managing behaviour is based on the Positive Behaviour for Learning framework.

Through this framework we:

Our HEART matrix outlines a clear set of behaviour expectations developed around our 5 key school values.

These are:

Each value outlines a set of expected behaviours. Behaviours are worded positively to convey expectations clearly and respectfully.

Staff recognise that their own behavioural choices must model the behavioural expectations that help to create and maintain a positive, safe learning environment. Staff work collaboratively to establish calm and consistent approaches to managing behaviour when inappropriate choices have been made. Opportunities for students to understand the impact of their choices through education, reflection and discussion are crucial elements of Positive Behaviour for Learning at Holy Family.

Students are taught that everyone is accountable for their behaviour. Whenever possible, logical consequences are given to help students develop responsibility for their behavioural choices and actions.

Staff at Holy Family understand that learning socially acceptable behaviours is developmental as well as a process that students may move through in different ways. They appreciate that at times, some students may require assistance in understanding and developing appropriate social behaviour. Therefore, Tier 2 targeted interventions and Tier 3 intensive interventions, in addition to Tier 1 universal supports, are provided to support the wellbeing of all students.

Positive Behaviour for Learning: Expectations Matrix