Ensuring a smooth transition into Prep, between year levels, and supporting Year 6 students making the transition to high school is essential for all students at Holy Family.

Commencing Prep

We work in collaboration with two of our local kindergartens to ensure the smoothest transition possible for students commencing their first year of primary school.

We host transition days in Term 4, so our Prep students familiarise themselves with the school environment and their new peers. For some students, who may require additional time to adjust to primary school, a series of one-to-one sessions are arranged, with personalised social stories written or strength-based activities developed to support their learning needs before they start the school year.


We understand that the transition from Primary school to Secondary school can be an exciting time. However, for some children it can also be a time of anxiety. To prepare our Year 6 students for secondary school they participate in the START program which supports them in recognising the changes that they are confronted with physically, emotionally and intellectually as they leave the primary school setting and embrace a new path of their learning journey.