“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” ― Jane Goodall

Holy Family nurtures children’s spiritual, physical, cognitive and social development within a supportive environment that creates a sense of belonging and emotional safety.

Wellbeing is vital, and our HEART values of Honesty, Empathy, Acceptance, Respect and Trust embody the principles we advocate when we help students to develop behaviours that enable them to thrive and flourish.  

We create a climate of positivity, inclusion, collaboration, and student voice. Wellbeing practices such as mindfulness, gratitude, a growth mindset, emotional regulation and resilience are explored through literacy, inquiry and social and emotional lessons.  

Children are explicitly taught to understand and manage their emotions, build positive and genuine relationships with their peers and develop the ability to make responsible decisions in their learning and relationships. Staff actively listen and respond to the group and individual needs of the young people at Holy Family.

We provide the following opportunities and resources for students within Wellbeing:

If you would like to discuss Wellbeing at Holy Family, please contact our Wellbeing Leader Connie, cdrossart@hfdoveton.catholic.edu.au